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We are a tuition-based learning support initiative based in Hounslow dedicated to helping homeschooling parents. We provide assistance in subjects which a parent may find difficult to teach by themselves. We can do this by supplementing their work with a structured framework, regular lessons, worksheets and notes. Lessons are held during the daytime (home schooling hours), in which the children can join other home-schooled children to cover those subjects that their parents choose. This also gives children social interactions with others their own age.


We understand that providing your child with the best education for them is a difficult decision and one in a time when quality in the state and private sectors varies greatly. At NMLC we aim to provide a secure platform towards higher or vocational education by providing structured lessons in the core subjects with tailored objectives for learning. We have a high emphasis on cultivating moral values and providing guidance to young adults during these testing and stressful periods of their lives so that they become decent, independent and resilient individuals.


- Small class sizes (less than 10) give individualised and personal experience to learning
- Structured national curriculum based quality lessons by expert and qualified teachers
- Regular assessment and feedback to parents keeping them at the forefront of communication
- A fun and dynamic learning environment where your child can feel engaged and thrive


With our wealth of experience we have created an engaging and dynamic curriculum that really allows pupils to push the boundaries towards higher understanding. Our teachers really care about outcomes and are focused on ensuring that no child acheives less than good to outstanding progress. We truly belive that with the right motivation and a quality resources, every child has ability to reach their full potential.

Our success comes from the close bond with our parents to the extent that we treat them like extended family. We are open, honest and give them as much of our time as is needed for the sake of the children in our care.


- Be RIGHTEOUS and HUMBLE. Remember those who have aided you in getting you where you are today
- Be SMART. Never put off today what you will regret tomorrow
- Be DETERMINED and RESILIENT. Work hard and dont give up. Success is the result of repeated failures. The one who succeeds the best, failed the most times!
- Be CREATIVE and UNIQUE. Think often about what is too hard for most people to achieve and it is there you will find a worthy ambition.


We are a community organisation with a passion towards supporting the family unit. we believe that our Ummah (Nation) is like one body and our religion teaches us to support and care for each other.

For this reason we have created support links that allow our community members to reach out for support wherever needed. We also network with clubs and wrap around services that give the community other options to give their children a holistic education within safe and nurturing environments.


There is no such thing as a incapable child. Each one has the ability to succeed to varying degrees. Each child is unique and should be taken on a journey that best suits their interests and skills

We are committed to supporting parents but must remind you that success ultimately comes from Allah and then nurturing a child to have ambition, giving choice guidance and encouragement. Children who have parents and guardians that are able to understand and implement this into their children's lives will give them the tools that they need to succeed.